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S&S Enterprises is a small custom operation based in Arcade NY. We can provide a personalized and quick response service. We have access to many assets to pull in as needed to meet the needs of our customers. We have an extensive background in personal and test computers, software and hardware and are continually training on new techniques and procedures. Whether it's building a system from scratch, upgrading a computer, repairing a laptop, designing a website, providing SEO services, or optimizing your web site, we can help.


  The company was started mainly to provide custom PC’s for people who could not get what they wanted from off the shelf systems. Repair and maintenance functions were added when many people found the chain store personnel were not knowledgeable about their systems or the prices were too expensive.

S&S Enterprises is dedicated to provide people access to today's current technology at a price that will fit your budget. These solutions and goods are based around brand name technology: computer products, electronic components, and web services. Regardless of our users' skill levels, we strive to provide support and answers for all problems or questions. We are a complete technology resource. We carry some common computer parts and supplies in the store and can order whatever you need. Do you have an idea, a project, or a problem? Stop by our shop, give us a call, or shoot us an email and we can help!