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Three Simple Tools for Repairing Your Windows PC

When it comes to maintaining and repairing a Windows-based computer, you do not need a long list of expensive software or fancy equipment. You can repair many common problems using a few easy-to-use free tools. This can save you time and money over professional repairs and get your computer back up in running in just a few hours.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

This free tool makes it easy to remove a large number of common malware and viruses. After a quick download and installation, MalwareBytes Anti-Malware scans your computer for a long list of problems in a matter of minutes. Using it is as simple as loading the program and clicking the scan button. Automatic update features within the program make sure that your database of malware is always up to date. While the free version requires you to start the scan manually, a professional version is available for a small fee. This features real-time monitoring and will alert you to any suspicious activity on your computer the moment it happens.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Another free software tool for repairing your Windows PC and removing viruses is Microsoft Security Essentials. This program features a real-time monitor to prevent infections and suspicious activity before it can make changes to your computer and data. Since it is made by Microsoft, it integrates seamlessly into Windows to ensure it is easy to use. The program loads an icon in your system tray to alert you to any suspicious activity. If the icon ever turns yellow or red, simply right-click it and choose "Clean Computer." Should you suspect a problem or encounter an error, you can also run a manual scan by launching the program and choosing "Scan Now" from the within the Home tab. Should the program find a problem, a simple click of the "Clean Computer" button will often fix it.


BitDefender offers a full suite of programs, ranging from basic antivirus and spyware removal to full protection suites with firewalls and scam detection. One of the best aspects of BitDefender is its silent protection. You will not have to deal with annoying prompts or endless questions. If the program detects a problem, you are presented with a straightforward set of choices. This makes the program incredibly user friendly. Performing a manual scan of your computer is as simple as launching the program and clicking "Scan Now" in the Antivirus section of the interface.

Using these three tools, you can fix a wide variety of computer errors and remove nearly any computer virus. Best of all, they are free and simple to use. If you are unable to start Windows or the virus has taken control of your computer, pressing the F8 key on your keyboard during the booting process will allow you to access Safe Mode to install and run the program in many cases. Even if you do not suspect any problems with your computer, these programs are a great way to keep your system secure and prevent future issues. While the free versions of these programs are powerful, the paid options do add additional functionality for a reasonable price.